Lag And HD Project Crashes Solved

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 Lag And HD Project Crashes Solved

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MensajeTema: Lag And HD Project Crashes Solved   Vie Feb 10, 2017 5:26 pm

Since I used this soulotion the HD project never crashed for me so you can hit 2 birds with 1 stone
Go to documents\my games\capcom\re4\config.ini
Scroll down to variableframerate 30 change the number to 15
Warning: don't use this solution for the following:
- Bolder 1-1
- Bolder 1-3 (it will crush you before you run away)
- Del Lago 1-3 (spare will disappear)
- U-3 5-3 (he will keep loop his first death)
- Krauser 5-3 (he will stock down after his shoot you with his arrow)
Can be resolved go to the roof from the room with the auto door find his shadow shoot him with the rocket
- Ada's shotgun (when you shoot it will keep loop the shoot animation)
- Ada maze chapter 3 (the door will never open)
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Lag And HD Project Crashes Solved
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