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    listado ARC de re remaster

    Tao Lung Shamon
    Tao Lung Shamon

    listado ARC de re remaster Empty
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    listado ARC de re remaster Empty listado ARC de re remaster

    Mensaje por Tao Lung Shamon Mar Mayo 19, 2015 9:31 am

    Listado completo de todos los archivos ARC del re remaster:

    Agradecimientos y creditos para:

    Sectus/Fluffyquack, kaoyon (old forums), snipz, nickru58, crimsonqueen

    Event/cutscene player models

    ep00.arc - Chris STARS
    ep01.arc - Jill STARS
    ep02.arc - Barry
    ep03.arc - Rebecca
    ep04.arc - Wesker
    ep05.arc - Kenneth?
    ep06.arc - Enrico
    ep07.arc - Richard?
    ep08.arc - Chris bonus outfit
    ep09.arc - Chris bonus outfit (made in heaven)
    ep0a.arc - Jill bonus outfit
    ep0b.arc - Jill RE3 outfit
    ep0c.arc - Rebecca cowgirl outfit
    ep20.arc - Chris BSAA
    ep21.arc - Jill BSAA

    Player models

    pl00.arc - Chris STARS
    pl01.arc - Jill STARS
    pl02.arc - Barry
    pl03.arc - Rebecca
    pl04.arc - Wesker
    pl05.arc - Kenneth?
    pl06.arc - Enrico
    pl07.arc - Richard?
    pl08.arc - Chris bonus outfit
    pl09.arc - Chris bonus outfit (made in heaven)
    pl0a.arc - Jill bonus outfit
    pl0b.arc - Jill RE3 outfit
    pl0c.arc - Rebecca cowgirl outfit
    pl20.arc - Chris BSAA
    pl21.arc - Jill BSAA
    pl99.arc - man dead on the floor (killed by bees) in the guardhouse/residence


    em00 - zombie dogs
    em0a - Lisa
    em0b - Tyrant first one
    em01 - Bird/Crow
    em1a - Some Zombie?
    em1b - Crimson Head, also has 0a reference?
    em002 - Another dog, has a texture from 0a and 1b, shared texture?
    em02a - Snake
    em02b - Snake with a different colour to 02a
    em03 - A Bee
    em05 - ? maybe related to the bees?
    em06a - A Hunter
    em06b - Another Hunter, a different colour
    em07 - Chimera
    em08 - Plant 42?
    em09 - Tyrant Again (2nd fight)
    em10 - Zombie, also refers to em50 - Crimson Head Version
    em11 - Zombie, also refers to em51 - Crimson Head Version
    em12 - Zombie, also refers to em52
    em13 - Forest, also refers to kk01 grenade
    em15 - Zombie, also refers to em55 - Crimson Head Version
    em16 - Zombie with a Lab Coat, also refers to em56 - Crimson Head Version
    em17 - Another Zombie with a Lab Coat, also refers to em57 - Crimson Head Version
    em18 - Naked Lab Zombie - Has no crimson head version
    em19 - Zombie - Has no crimson head version
    em1a - Fat Zombie outside on hard
    em1b - Crimson head Boss
    em20 - Large Spider - also refers to em04
    em21 - Large Spider - also refers to em04
    em30 - Snake Boss
    em40 - Shark
    em41 - Another Shark


    r412 a huge shark's room , push down the battery leakage
    r410 there are three doors,leading to the r412 room
    r408 take pesticides corridor, can reach room 003
    r406 room "002", Barry's story
    r405 a corridor to reach room 002
    r404 pub, snooker number puzzle
    r403 ,the first archive room in the dormitory
    r401 room "001", there is a hanged man
    r40e a circular pool, small sharks and more ruthless, a shark killed Richard
    r40d hallway before flooded shark tank room
    r400 there are three blue herbs in the dormitory
    r316 need to crush wooden box to get the broken flamethrower
    r315 Lisa's mother's coffin
    r31a stairs behind the door in two badges
    r311 outdoors, there are two statues to open gate
    r305 the pool, need to insert badge "Eagle" and "wolf")
    r304 outdoor path, return from the dormitory
    r303 helipad end of game
    r302 garden, you need the battery to start the elevator
    r30c spider story, the door was tangled in spider web
    r30b a cave, the flamethrower gun on the wall, boulder run
    r301 ?
    r300 courtyard area, two lifts
    r219 a small warehouse, you can get batteries
    r217 generator room?
    r216 Serpent's final battle, the Blue book (wolf medal)
    r215 - trophy room
    r214 a Z-corridor, you can get the arrow keys, a fat zombie
    r213 a similar Z-corridor, two zombies, take the elevator up the room
    r212 forrest death area
    r21c Kitchen
    r21b a T shaped hallway, a few zombies, elevators need to connect the power
    r21a after pushing down the ladder, down the ladder, a few big spiders
    r210 serpent's room
    r209 a small bedroom, a box of herbs and ribbons, a small key
    r208 a small room, there is a deer head on the wall model
    r207 room where the door can only be used twice
    r206 a room to get a lighter and a dog whistle
    r205 four knights armor puzzle
    r204 a L-type corridors, outside the four knights armor room
    r203 Balcony, place where you get the dog collar
    r202 upper dining room
    r20f ?
    r20e get the serum back ,Story: Jill saves Richard
    r20d meet Richard to get the serum
    r20c in this room you get "Eagle" medal
    r20b a small room, only a few herbs, next to the Goddess
    r20a - fishtank room (room with the bee and lure)
    r200 Luxury Lift
    r119 a study,
    r118 a storage room, beside the door which can be only used twice
    r117 Gallery
    r116 room to hold shotgun
    r115 outside the r116 room (jill sandwhich room)
    r114 Take herbicides, outdoor corridor
    r113 same as r114 , the dog jumped over the fence
    r112 - west wing/birdcage corridor
    r111 Several pieces jigsaw puzzle box
    r11c closet
    r11b small room, small pieces of the stairs, leading to the direction of Lisa
    r11a a short corridor, a dog, put the badge to unlock the door
    r10f piano room
    r10e two zombies, one lying on the ground, the other hiding in the closet
    r10d a tiger head statue room
    r10c room where player uses herbicides on the plants. collect 1 deathmask
    r10b outdoor basement. 4 deathmask area
    r10a an L-type corridor leading to the gallery, a zombie, the door can be only used twice
    r109 the corridor outside the jill sandwhich room
    r108 dogs jumped out from the windows
    r107 statue where you can take the map, next to main hall
    r106 main hall of the mansion
    r105 dining room
    r104 the first scene zombie eating - again?
    r103 the first scene zombie eating
    r102 room to get a broken shotgun
    r101 corridor outside the serum room
    r100 the serum room



    wep0a - Self Defence Gun - refers to chris
    wep0b - Infinite Pistol - refers to chris
    wep0c - Magnum - refers to chris
    wep01 - Chris' Knife
    wep1a - Self Defence Gun - refers to Jill
    wep1b - Infinite Pistol - refers to Jill
    wep1c - Magnum - refers to Jill
    wep02 - Pistol??? refers to chris
    wep03 - Magnum??? refers to chris
    wep04 - Shotgun - refers to chris
    wep05 - Flamethrower
    wep06 - Brads Rocket Launcher - Chris Version
    wep07 - Infinite Rocket Launcher - Chris Version
    wep08 - Richards Shotgun? - Chris
    wep11 - Jills Knife
    wep12 - Another Pistols
    wep13 - Barrys Magnum?
    wep14 - Shotgun - refers to Jill
    wep16 - Brads Rocket Launcher - Jill Version
    wep17 - Infinite Rocket Launcher - Jill Version
    wep18 - Richards Shotgun? - Jill
    wep19 - Grenade Launcher - Normal
    wep19a - Grenade Launcher - Acid
    wep19f - Grenade Launcher - Incendenary


    introdution.arc - character select portraits

    core01, 02, 03, 04 - sounds such as doors and grunts

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